A.E. Snelling-munro

A.E. Snelling-munro

During 1987 whilst a serving British Police Officer I decided in view of my prior written work over the years to write a crime fiction novel titled ‘Bobbyjac’, explains David Sykes, who writes as AE Snelling-Munro.

Having reached more than a 100,000 words I realised the material was now so large that it warranted a sequel rather than dramatically reduce the story line.

I had achieved the answer to my original thoughts on whether I could sustain my interest and ability to write. I could not stop. I was writing thousands of words per day, which also included lampoon verse, and continues today.

My writing also coincides with my present background as an established inventor, so the creative element is with me 24-7. The need for detail and descriptive matters are a kingpin to my clay to day work.

To write is a breath of fresh air as often I carry in my mind the outline of what I want to write as a story or a statement of fact that needs to be expressed. At times that causes some frustration as to where I might be at the time and how quickly can I document my thoughts as a future prompt to further writing before I become sidetracked. I have bits of paper all over the place and more often than not I keep laughing to myself as to where I had placed the notes. This becomes comical as to where I find them.

After many rejection slips I eventually moved on as the years rolled by. In 2017, a shocking year of personal issues, I made contact with Michael Terence Publishing. Bobbyjac was published on 16 August and is on sale with Amazon and Kindle Books. Since publication I have now completed the sequel.

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